Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The World Of The Witchers

I bought The Last Wish on the strength of the first Witcher PC game but could not find time to read it before completing the second one. It matters not in what sequence one experiences them but if unfamiliar with the Witcher universe, I would suggest starting with this book.

It is more of a collection of stories about Gearalt of Rivia, a witcher also known as the White Wolf, and his world than a fantasy novel. It is part of a series that, unfortunately, is not translated and published in English in the author's intended sequence.

This is a world full of Eastern European lore, greedy kings, scheming princes, starving elves, bickering dwarfs, seducing witches, wizards on the run, mythical creatures and hideous monsters - and the rare witcher to keep them all in balance.
The stories, however, are more independent of one another than usual and even if some of them converge, in the end this reads as part of a series than a standalone novel.

Recommended to fantasy fans and RPG gamers alike.

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