Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Other Half Of The Witcher's Sky

I am going to go against the current here but I actually enjoyed the Blood of Elves, this third collection of The Witcher stories, better than the first book, The Last Wish. In fact, I found this to be more of an actual novel than the first one which was more of a collection of loosely interconnected stories.

Scheming knights and short-tempered dwarfs; charming elves and enchanting witches; monsters and monster-slayers; greedy kings and the thickening of the fog of war; conspiring wizards and the law of Surprise.And in a world in turmoil, Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf, is entrusted with Ciri, the girl of prophesy - and his destiny. Whichever that may be.

Too bad the publisher did not consider it necessary to translate and publish the second book of the series, The Sword of Destiny. It would had tied the story of the Witcher much better together.

Sure, it may not be canonical literature but it is a great fantasy book to bring to the beach or take to your comfortable armchair during a rainy weekend. For its genre, it is a great book.

Recommended to fantasy fans and RPG gamers alike.

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