Friday, December 7, 2012

The Dream Will Be Collapsing. Again and Again

Dive into Nolan's labyrinthine worlds-within-worlds with only music as your guiding thread. You will get lost - and you will love every second of it. The Inception SoundTrack is an extreme musical trip into the unknowable.

To anyone who has not yet seen this epic movie I would strongly recommend to do so. Nevertheless, the soundtrack stands on its own. Zimmer only had the script to go by so his compositions reflect his own take on the characters and events of the movie and are not simply there to complement the pictures.

The album starts off ominously with the short Half-Remembered Dream, reaches an early peak with The Dream Is Collapsing, turns playfully threatening with One Simple Idea to end with my favorite, Time, a majestic closing piece, full of new found hope and open sunbathed vistas.

If you think of buying this because you were blown away by the trailer music keep in mind that it is not included. That piece is called Mind Heist and it was actually composed by Zack Hemsey, not Hans Zimmer.

This is the music of the worlds within, the sound of our subconscious fears and most secret dreams; the sound of the pulsating thread that connects us with the Universe.


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