Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deliciously Weird

Everyone has his or hers favorite TV shows, and  our preferences may shift with seasonal moods, age and personal experiences. However, Twin Peaks is television at its best! The frivolity of the 80's gave way to the seriousness of the 90's - all painted in 50's Americana nostalgia of innocence lost.

Atmospheric, mysterious, quirky, intriguing, intelligent, naive, bold and nostalgic for an American way of life gone - if it ever really existed - yet coveted in all our visions of Utopia. Then again, there is a serpent in every Eden. And David Lynch knows how to, masterfully, give us brief terrifying glimpses of it!
Words are just not capable to describe this prematurely terminated series! Every time I watch it I discover another moment, another gem I treasure. Casting three of the most beautiful women of the 90's did not hurt either. Too bad the network executives decided to, first, meddle with the plot and, when this backfired, then treat this masterpiece as filler material, moving it around to different weekdays and different time-slots. No wonder ratings floundered resulting in the series eventual cancellation.

True, the 25 years are not up yet. However, I think that real Agent Cooper has remained trapped in the Waiting Area long enough. Let's all petition David Lynch for a long-awaited movie or TV mini-series to tidy things up.

Own it and make weekends out of it. Once in a blue moon a certain magic manifests amongst us. One that never fades.
And there is always music in the air.

How do I know? 
A gentle giant told me.

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