Friday, December 14, 2012

The Only Sober Face Is Staring At You From...Inside Your Drink

I may be going through a Moai phase - I bought this Easter Island Heads Ice-Tray together with an Easter Island Head Tissue-Box Holder. And did not regret buying either of them. I find those statues mesmerizing, in whatever form or size.

Followed the instructions and gave it a good wash before using it for the first time (I let it soak in soap-water for a couple of hours and then gave it a good scrub). I did not detect any strange taste in the ice-figures (and I can taste water depending on its source!). The silicone-based material make it easy to get the ice-figures out without breaking them. It is a pain to bring to the freezer without spilling all over the kitchen though. I have to fill them up while in the freezer, using a small measuring cup. And that is my only gripe.

It's no big a deal but is there a real reason why this ice-mold should be almost double the price of every other novelty ice-mold made by the same company? Increased demand I guess.

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