Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sturdy Nostalgia

I remember, every September throughout elementary school, my mother taking me to the shoe-store and buying me a pair of crepe-soled, lace-up Kickers. They were sturdy and together with my sneakers they would last throughout the school year.

These Dr.Martens Maddock lace-Ups remind me of those childhood shoes. They are padded in almost all the right places (DocMarten's are notorious for requiring a hardened heel). I like the metal-rimmed eyelets and the soft, double-stitched soles. And finally I like the way the leather creased in the right places.

Even at my size 11US (10UK/45EUR) the shoes look rounder than pictured. The advantage of this is that there is plenty of room and your toes will never feel crowded from the sides; on the other hand the shoes also look smaller than what I am used to. The shoes are also not as tall as pictured, the front space is vertically limited because of the round leather pattern. They need to be worn for some time before contouring around your feet.

Overall, the Dr.Martens are well built nicely designed. They are comfortable to wear all day long, and, although it will take some time to break them in, they will stay with you for along time.

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