Sunday, February 24, 2013

Liquid Velvet

Christmas break of 1998, second floor living-room of a New Jersey Victorian house, visiting friends; the snow started falling at dusk and now it was well underway, the generous flakes absorbing any sound in the atmosphere. The fireplace radiates a soft glow and the sweet scent of burning pine wood. Tucked in the couch, I am reading a good spy novel. And on the Stereo, Sade's Love Deluxe is playing over and over, making the evening unforgettable, etching every detail to my memory.

Since then the deep, magic voice of Sade provided the soundtrack of many evenings of my life. However, Love Deluxe remained unsurpassed. Soldier of Love though came close, closer than  any other album.

Soldier of Love is a masterpiece. Every single song is wonderful and yet Long Hard Road and In Another Time are the ones I feel longing for. Both of these songs remind of Sade's signature sounds. The rest of the album though takes well studied steps, dancing around her previous works.

Fans will find this album comfortable like an old favorite sweater and fresh like untouched morning snow. If you do not know Sade, this is one of her albums that you must have.

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