Thursday, February 21, 2013

Erudio Coniecturalem Artem Esse Machinariumnam

To paraphrase Cornelius Celsus, Machinarium is the Art of Educated Guessing. Yes, art.

This indie gem is a definite affirmation to the question whether PC gaming is an art-form. In recent years the genre has strayed towards the-latest-hardware-demanding yet vapid eye-candy. So when a slow and moody game comes along, on that can run in almost any machine and offers subtle fun, we tend to underestimate it.

This is a logic puzzle-adventure. Sometimes the puzzles are easy. Sometimes you get lucky (hence the "Educated Guessing" in the title). And sometime you get stuck and you shall need hints or even the level walkthrough contained in a locked book that opens with a mini-game. However, perseverance is rewarded with the satisfaction of being able to untangle the inner logic of the game.
I have been playing puzzle adventures ever since Myst and, although I am not an exclusive fan of the genre, over the years I have played its best representatives. And Machinarium should be considered one of them.

The game is also a avant-garde cartoon story, with beautifully hand-drawn backgrounds and an endearing protagonist.

The game may not last long but, I promise you, it will stay for you for a very long time.

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