Friday, February 22, 2013

It's A Blue Planet. And It's All Yours To Explore

Ever since I watched those old Jacques Cousteau undersea documentaries, the idea of one day snorkeling myself never left my mind. So far I never had the opportunity to dive but I often catch myself daydreaming about underwater excursions. Until I can add a check-mark beside that item on my before-I-am-too-old-list this game offers an excellent substitute.

Dive & Relax. Leave the world behind you and become on with the underwater realm. The locales are beautifully designed, the fish, whales, dolphins and the rest of the marine life move in a very realistic fashion. The missions are pretty simple and most have an educational parameter but it is mostly about exploring at your own pace. Well, you do have to mind the oxygen level...
The underwater sounds are very well made and placed whereas the background music is a soothing companion. All in all Endless Ocean: Blue World is an excellently designed and produced diving-simulation game.

This is a game that will bring you home early, it will put a smile in your face and it will relax you like no other game.
I cannot emphasize this enough: this game is digital massage. It soothes your nerves, relaxes your body and puts you in a very easygoing mindset.

Take the plunge.

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