Friday, February 22, 2013

A Metroid Universe

The last Metroid games I had played was Metroid II: The Return of Samus on my old GameBoy and the absolutely exceptional Super Metroid on a borrowed SNES. I still have the music from when crossing the Red Soil in Brinstar as a ringtone in my cellphone. So, buying this trilogy was more of a compulsion for me however, it turned out to be a very smart idea.

With Mtroid Prime: Trilogy, for the price of a single game, you get all three Metroid Prime games: Metroid Prime I, Metroid Prime II: Echoes, & Metroid Prime III: CorruptionMetroid Prime I and II: Echoes have been ported from the GameCube, with improved graphics and controls adapted to the Wii. Metroid Prime III: Corruption is one of the best games ever designed for the Wii!

You can access any of the three games from the Menu and play any one of them interchangeably. I found I and III to be beautiful games, offering endless hours of fun whereas II was a bit darker but still a not-to-be-missed experience. It took me a while to master the controls (I am a seasoned PC gamer yet new to consoles) but once I started feeling comfortable with them I had to tear myself away from the game.

Since all of my previous Metroid experience was limited to side-scrolling games, stepping into the space boots (and sticky-ball) of Samus was a blast!

Don't sit this one out. The fate of the Universe depends on it.

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