Friday, March 8, 2013

The Moment They Cemented It In DRM, It Is Not Business. It Is Personal

Puzo's & Coppola's The Godfather may be the I-Ching of western men but this installment, like Sollozzo the Turk's proposal, is an infamita.

With The Godfather II, EA's pezzonovante, they come not in respect. They come not asking to be our friends. Not once. Even though we keep financing their very existence. They only ask greedily for more.

In a sneaky Hyman Roth fashion, EA tries once more to infect our domains with SecuROM RootKits and make us pay again and again for the same game by Limiting its installations. By claiming to fight piracy (ironic from day one...) EA wants to keeps squeezing its own customers. And they are ready to badmouth and brand as "pirates" anyone who might stand up to their rule.

But, just like Don Fanucci, behind the white suit of an ever-menacing EULA hides nothing. Forced to accept an agreement under pain of suffering the financial loss of a worthless non-refundable product nullifies any stipulation in said agreement before any court of law. They only rule on our fear.
But we shall fear no more. Because this is cosa nostra. We have been in PC gaming long before these accountants ruined this beautiful artform.

Make them an offer they can't refuse: let this horses' head soil the silk sheets as EA is slumbering. Eventually they will wake up. And they will do so screaming.

Gamers, I salut!

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