Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mindless Fun At The Wheel

Let's get something out of the way: if you enjoy Vin Diesel movies, I very much doubt that you consider picking up The Wheelman for its...cultural value. I for one sure did not.
This is fast driving, impossibly jumping, using-your-car-as-a-weapon, how-can-it-possibly-be-exploding kind of game. Fun? You bet!

The graphics are beautiful (similar to NFS: ProStreet but less shiny than NFS: Undercover) and the cars acquire (more or less) realistic dents, scrapes and damages when hit. There are objectives marked on the map and cops giving chase. There are beautiful women giving orders, getting double-crossed and relying on your driving skills to drive through everything and see them right. Need I say more?

Keep in mind that The Wheelman was released during UbiSoft's sane days of releasing DRM-free games. So, you can not only greatly enjoy this game and do so with peace of mind that your computer will come to no harm but the game also becomes yours to keep.

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