Monday, March 4, 2013

Inside The Mind Of A Great Auteur

David Lynch's talent transcends movie making. He is an accomplished video artist, photographer, painter and poet. And this book, based on a number of interviews with the Renaissance Man of Arts himself, offers more than an amble glimpse into his psyche.

Lynch on Lynch leaves little out. Starting from his birth in Missoula, Montana and his upbringing in Sandpoint,Idaho - and a string of different cities where his family moved due to his father transfers, Lynch's growing up is a series of mesmerizing snapshots. And then, from the success of The Elephant Man and the financial fiasco of Dune to the penultimate TV series, Twin Peaks and the hypnotic Mulholland Drive.

Lynch is holding nothing back. From his inspirations, obsessions and creative process to the inner workings of Hollywood studios and the synergic balance of picture, story and music, this book is a sine qua non for either his fans or, more importantly, for aspiring movie makers.

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