Friday, November 30, 2012

To The Last Man

Gaming is an art-form.
It combines story and characters and narrative with image and sounds and music. And it is the only art-form one can interact with and feel a part of.

Over the years, gaming has offered us hours of entertainment, novel perspectives, knowledge of obscure facts, escapist reposes from harsh realities, reflexes training - and good ol' childish fun.

Gaming is in peril.
Greedy executives and faceless conglomerate mentality are driving this beautiful human achievement into the ground. They are trying to turn gaming into a pay-per-use...utility. Games get tied to non-transferable online accounts or digital distribution clients. And our access to them has, little by little, become limited by overloaded servers, bankrupted publishers and unbridled greed.

Asking full price for games that come with any form of Always-Online requirement is dishonest.
Herding in your own customers and then try to keep milking them for more money (endless strings of DLCs, real-money Auction Houses) is inhumane.
Selling products at a price that used to be fair to buy them while hiding the fact that, instead, you are only renting them out is a scam.

There may be few of us left. And it is an uphill battle. Against, not one, but a multitude of mercenaries. Mercenaries with Gatling guns.
So, yes, we may go down. But we will go down fighting.
And we shall never forget what a true PC game plays and feels like.

For what is to live but to strive.
And what is to strive but to never forget.

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