Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A True Wakizashi!

Some months ago I was informed about the unparalleled quality of the Feather Blades. So it was only natural to seek out the appropriate Feather Double Edge Safety Razor to yield them.

Outside Japan there are only two models of Feather safety razors, this Popular one and the much more expensive All-Stainless Steel one. I decided to start with this one and move up in the near future if I was satisfied. And was I ever!

The design is streamlined simplicity. On top of a sturdy plastic-covered handle sits a stainless steel head that opens with a twist to receive the double edge blade. The mechanism is precise and works with clockwork perfection both dry and wet.

The touching edge guarding the blade's cutting edge is also plastic - a design detail that I was apprehensive of at first. However, once I tried it I appreciated how much more aware I was of the blade's cutting edge and how easier it is to control it.

A quality product at a very fair price.

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