Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Solidly Built And Reliable

Kingston has always been a brand name to trust when it comes to computer memory. This USB Flash-Memory Stick is no exception.

It is very nicely built, with a push-to-arm/pull-to-protect slide mechanism.  When I first saw this I thought that it would be a spring-mechanism, similar to clicking a pen. Instead, it has a two-step locking mechanism that requires both hands. It may be less convenient but it sure feels more reliable in the long run.

This is a USB 2.0 memory stick that for some reason it seems faster than all of my previous similar sticks (SanDISK, ADATA and even my good old TEAC). My data get transferred fast and reliably - so I am willing to overlook the fact that the casing is a bit too wide to fit two of them in my side-by-side USB ports at the front of my PC case

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