Thursday, November 29, 2012


Okami is a masterpiece indeed!

This is one of the very few games I coveted for years but could not play because it is not available for PC. However, once there was a Wii in the house this was one of the first three games I ordered. And my expectations were met in every way.

The first thing that grabs you are the unique graphics. If, like me, you are accustomed to the detailed graphical environments of most PC games, Wii games seem much more simplistic. Nevertheless, the colors and artwork of Okami are just mesmerizing! I am a great fan of cRPGs but this was the first time I relaxed playing one.

This is an old-school cRPG, so there is no voice-acting. No moatter though, this hardly has any impact on immersion. Playing Okami is like being in a Japanese fairytale - one that takes place in a huge, varied world. Forests and beaches, dungeons and villages, there is just no limit in the horizon.

The sounds are soothing, the imagery magical and the gameplay ingeniously incorporating the Wii-Remote movements.


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