Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Spaghetti Made Out Of Steel

I love how these BRABANTIA cannisters look on my kitchen counter-top. Obviously, taking your spaghetti out of its box and keeping it in a cannister is a good idea only if you are using the same type of spaghetti. These cannisters come with a discreet label on the side that can be colour-coded as well.
The measure contraption is a bit generous in portions (and one can use the opening off a 2L soda bottle with equal results) but it is a convenient idea and it looks nice.

The quality of the fingerprint-free steel is unparalleled. It looks and feels sturdy and it will not accumulate fingerprints most brushed steel items do. Not the same can be said about the plastic lid though. The clear part at the top came with small but quite obvious molding imperfections. The first cannister I received I asked to be replaced but, when the second arrived with exactly the same issue as well, I realized it must be a common issue.

Brabantia keeps offering products of excellent design and made of good materials. That is why I will keep favouring their products. However, they do need to look into bringing their manufacturing back to their old standards.

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