Saturday, January 19, 2013

Only For Its Most Faithful Disciples

It has been eight years since the previous installment of the Disciples franchise. Although this new gospel is, most probably, bound to be branded apocryphal and anticanonical (if not outright heretic), it still offers hours of a good old Turn-Based RolePlaying/Strategy Gaming.

In Disciples III: Renaissance, the graphics have been improved significantly, the gameplay has been streamlined but there are no major deviations from the beaten path. Experience points can now be attributed to either the hero or its units. Buildings and units focus more on quality rather than quantity. The ability tree of the hero can now branch into three specialties (Warlord, Archmage & Guild Master). And, contrary to what we had been used to, only three factions are available (Empire, Legion of the Damned & Elves). In step with the industry's greed, I am guessing the rest of the game will be sold as...DLCs.

Finally, I will refrain from spoiling it for anyone but the story twists do not always leave a pleasant aftertaste. RPG purists prepare to be exposed to some ...ethical variations.

If a TB-RPG gamer, I would suggest Kings Bounty: The Legend instead. However, completionists and hardcore DISCIPLES fans cannot miss on this third installment.

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