Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Deeper, More Mature Sarah

That was some Sabbatical! It has been 7 years since Afterglow, and I for one was starting to demonstrate some pretty pronounced withdrawal symptoms. But I always respect an artist who, having nothing new to add, will refrain from printing and marketing ...proof of this fact.

Sarah McLachlan's strong point has always been her mesmerizing voice and the beautiful poetry of her songs. That is why in this album instrumental accompaniment is kept to a minimum. Laws of Illusion is not a pop album. It deserves to do well because, although personal it is far from esoteric. Sarah sings about universal feelings of a human getting older, surviving heartaches, overcoming adversities and finding happiness once more.

If Fumbling Towards Ecstasy was the voice of a young couple in love about to start off their blissful life, Laws of Illusion is the voice of the same couple reaching maturity, whether they are still together or not.

Sarah is back. And, if you let her, she will take you deep into Dreamland.

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