Thursday, February 12, 2015

How Many Pockets Can A Dinosaur Possibly Have?

This is what you get when you allow greed to run unchecked. And 2K GAMES is an insistent and repeat offender of such abhorable tactics.

Evolve is not a game. It is DLC-pushing scheme that will not end before the complete game (which one should expect be getting after sliding over $60!) ends up costing between $350-400. And that too much for any game - let alone a game that brings no innovation in either gameplay or visuals and gets old too soon. Just head over at Metacritic and see for yourself.
Day-one DLCs? Check. (TWELVE of them - totaling $80-extra!)
Endless microtransactions? Check.
Severely limited content? Check.
Single-Player slapped on as an afterthought? Check.
Console-limited graphics? Check.
The ...success of Brink revisited? You bet!

When someone made the mistake of paying $60 for a shell of a game, been asked to pay $15 for each extra monster and $10 for each extra character is not greed: it is information highway robbery!

A product to ignore. Even when the entire bundle will be available on STEAM Sale for less than $10, it will still be an overpriced boring game.

Bound for Extinction.

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