Friday, March 1, 2013

A Directed Verdict Of Excellence

I am a huge fan of Michael Connely, ever since my days as an undergraduate student - procrastinating with his other masterpiece (The Poet) in the middle of exam period (true story, I almost flunked BioChem-II!). Since, I had enjoyed every single one of his novels, some more than others, yet nothing managed to approach the crescendo intensity of his peak moment with the Poet. Until now that is.

The Lincoln Lawyer is a story about a lawyer, Mickey Haller. A ruthless yet likable defense attorney with his own short-range focus code of honor, trying to carve a living and escape the long shadow of his famous father. The father may have been dead ever since Mickey was five but when he was alive he rubbed elbows with the likes of Mickey Cohen and managed to dispense a lifetime supply of advice. And a wise warning: beware of the innocent client.

Said lawyer keeps no brick & mortar office but operates out of four Lincoln Town cars he alternates, bought at discount fleet prices. Said lawyer has a daughter and two ex wives who, for some reason, still love him. Said lawyer will defend anyone for the right price but will hope for a franchise case, a complicated and protracted case of a rich client charged with something serious enough to pay him premium prices and keep him in style for a long time. But one should be careful what he wishes for.

As if a malicious genie granting a wish, Mickey lands a rich client charged with sexual assault. When the client insists on his innocence (and wants to avoid the civil court implications of accepting a lesser charge) the trial is inevitable. And then his father warning comes back to bite him.

I hate spoilers so I will stop here. But get ready for a roller-coaster of a ride, full of unexpected turns and fast ups and downs. To be honest I would have gone for a slightly different ending - yet the annoyance was minor and did not steal away any of the enjoyment.

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