Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Best Summer Watch You Will Ever Own

I just love OMEGA timepieces. Not only do they offer the best balance between cost and quality but they are beautifully designed, striking that perfect chord of understated sophistication and timid power. It is like going slow while driving a muscle car.

This OMEGA Planet Ocean Seamaster is just gorgeous. The faceplate is easy to read under all conditions (the domed sapphire-crystal is double anti-glare and the tritium hands and numerals magnificently luminescent). The black-stainless steel-offwhite-orange theme is perfectly balanced and it will compliment most outfits.

My advice: buy the steel-band version and, at the same time, order the rubber strap (it is usually cheaper than ordering a steel band later on its own). You may need to visit your jeweler whenever you will decide to switch between the bands but for a small price you will essentially have two completely different-looking watches.

On a planet of water, in a desert of cities, under the canopy of the stars this is what should keep time.

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