Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Scent For Each Season

Scent is the most atavistic of our senses. Different scents can alter our attitude, influence our decisions and modify our behavior. Contrary to images and sounds, scents cannot be recalled. And time is relentless in its efforts to turn each day into mundane and trivial. That is why each Season needs its distinctive aroma. To set the mood and add a different hue to our every day life.
This is my personal collection and I would recommend it to anyone: 


The Academic year begins. Memories of our first school days. The sound of pencils getting sharpened and new notebooks being opened for the very first time. Every morning the air gets a little crispier and the leaves turn into colors of fire. This is the scent you want your favorite wool pullovers to carry when you take them out of your drawers once more.

GIORGIO ARMANI, Eau de Toilete and
GIORGIO ARMANI, AfterShave Lotion


Winter is upon us, Thanksgiving over and Christmas just around the corner. There is that familiar scent in the air, omnimous of the first snow of the season. This is the scent to wear on December Saturday strolls, Boxing Day shopping sprees, January excursions to the countryside and February ski trips.

For the season of rebirth, this is the definite rejuvenation scent for men. Floral and joyous, yet robust and confident at the same time. The perfect excuse to go blossom viewing or simply take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the park with your dog. The corresponding AfterShave Lotion is one of the best aftershave products I have ever used.

The salty taste of sunbathed skin. The soothing rays of Sun we longed for all winter. The whoosh of imperceptible waves breaking at your feet. The metallic clinking of sand particles on the beach chair. The pleasant sweat of a cool summer night

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